MACS has been providing delivery services for businesses across the southeastern United States since 1984. We provide custom tailored solutions for each customer, because no two customers needs are the same.  MACS specializes in the following delivery services:

  • Scheduled Delivery: Daily, Weekly, or Monthly contracted deliveries with predetermined pickup locations and destinations.

  • On-Demand Delivery: Emergency, non-scheduled, critical movements of parcels.  Non-scheduled deliveries, completely at random.

  • Flexible Driver Lease: MACS driver provided on site for customer for specific time frame daily for multiple deliveries.

MACS never uses independent contractors.  All drivers are employees of MACS and are fully uniformed and operate late-model company vehicles.  We keep in constant communication with our drivers via two-way radios, cellular phone, and vehicle mounted GPS units.  All drivers are licensed, insured, and bonded. 

Courier service is available 24/7!

  • Available Fleet
  • Economy Car
  • Station Wagon
  • Pickup Truck with Camper
  • Mini Van
  • Cargo Van

All vehicles are company owned and operated.  All vehicles are maintained by MACS, Inc. and undergo routine service in-house at MACS’ main terminal.

Parcels / Contents Routinely Handled by MACS Courier Division (partial list):

  • Legal Documents

  • US Postal Mail and Interoffice Mail

  • Bank Proof Work

  • Court Filings

  • Computer Parts / Components

  • Films

  • Blueprints

  • Auto parts and supplies

  • Office supplies and furnishings

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Medical / Hospital Equipment

  • Blood / Blood Products

  • Medical Implants / Devices

  • Catered Food


Chances are, if you can prepare it, we can deliver it for you!

 Montgomery  334.396.1496      Toll Free  866.217.1928      Birmingham  205.945.1201