What is the difference between MACS and the other “national” armored car companies?

MACS is family owned and operated.  We listen to each customer and provide service based off of each of their specific needs.  When choosing MACS, you are supporting a local company that has the flexibility to change with your needs.


Who needs armored car service?

All financial institutions need armored services to handle their cash shipments to and from the Federal Reserve, as well as to their branches.  Additionally, any business that routinely takes cash as payment and deposits this cash to a financial institution needs armored service.  All monies transported is insured.  Too often armored transportation is considered after a loss.


How is my money insured?

All deposits are insured from the time they are picked up until the time they are delivered.  MACS insures each deposit for the actual amount listed.  Certificates of Insurance are issued to customers upon request.


Why would someone want to outsource cash services and ATM services?

There are multiple answers to this question:

  • It is usually more economical to pay someone to complete ATM service and / or cash services due to the randomness of times needed.

  • It allows the customer to keep all personnel to remain at their job stations performing their essential job functions.

  • Internal theft is the most common type of theft reported in both financial and retail institutions.


Is MACS hiring?

Due to our ever-changing business, MACS frequently accepts applications.  An application may be picked up at either MACS location and completed or mailed in.  We are always looking for experienced, smiling faces that want to join the family at MACS!

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